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Another Fitness App For Your Tracker

Yoho Sports is a health and fitness mobile app by mCube Inc. that is partnered with the Yoho Sports bracelet in order to track your everyday routine. From the number of steps you’ve taken to your various sleep patterns, Yoho Sports is tasked with monitoring them all through the bracelet so you can see and understand what you should be improving in terms of your health. If you’re interested in trying out a Yoho Sports bracelet, this is the official app for it.

Stay Healthy

Fitness trackers used to be gym machines and even just small gadgets you had to wear on your person in order to monitor your movements. Nowadays, though, smart devices have included smartwatches in their line-up—digital little devices fitted to be worn on your wrist in order to provide more than the time and date. A very popular one would be the Apple Watch, which can sync with other Apple devices for convenience. These smart devices have now paved the way for digital fitness trackers to born and Yoho Sports bracelet just happens to be one of the many you can purchase and try out. 

Take the Gym With You

This fitness tracker is similar to most on the market, as you’ll be needing a mobile app in order to check your results. The Yoho Sports app will display three main activities about you: your steps taken, your sleep quality, and your exercise goals. The bracelet will act as a pedometer and keep track of your steps, and the app will include the number of kilometers you’ve reached and the calories you’ve burnt, according to the prior stats you’ve inputted about yourself. For the Sleep Monitor feature, the app shows your hours of deep sleep, light sleep, and the number of times you woke up in the middle of the night. You can track both of these on the Activities page and set goals for yourself. The app even has alarms and notifications for you.


Take care, though, as while the bracelet itself is functionality, the app experiences drastic crashes and even wipes away all your progress. It used to work well, but it’s been failing more often now and rendering the bracelet pretty useless to most of its users. Perhaps you’re better off choosing a different bracelet and app until this one fixes all its glitches.


  • Monitors steps and sleep patterns
  • Lets you set goals
  • Has alarms and social media notifications


  • Doesn’t automatically set anymore
  • Doesn’t sync
  • Frequent crashes

Older versions

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Yoho Sports APK for Android

  • Free
  • In English
  • V 20.36.37
  • 3.3
  • (163)
  • APK Status

User reviews about Yoho Sports

  • Will Tuttle

    by Will Tuttle

    The watch powered on the night I received it after charging, and immediately linked to my Samsung S20. However, this morning, the watch will not powe More

  • thomas crawford

    by thomas crawford

    These will only bind on the app if your running older android OS I have android 10 app will not find band yet brother phone running Android 9 app bind More

  • LaOnna Gillett

    by LaOnna Gillett

    It erased all my steps as soon as I reached 6000 steps and then made me start over again

  • Wayne Fraser

    by Wayne Fraser

    I like it a lot, however, something is flakey; either in the hardware or software. The standard time changes to military time sporadically. It appea More


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